A Moon Mist East Coast Treat

Posted by Rick (Toronto, Canada) on 28 July 2011 in Food & Cuisine.

Two scoops of Moon Mist ice cream for 1.25 on a scorching hot day in Digby Nova Scotia.
A delicious blend of banana, grape, blueberry and bubble gum flavours that is very popular in the east coast provinces of Canada. (can't find its flavour profile equal in Toronto, damn it)

DowsherVision from PARIS, France

Yummy shot, yummy colors :)

28 Jul 2011 5:58am

@DowsherVision: Thanks. It is a tasty treat indeed, and especially on such a hot day.

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Outrageously, calorifically irresistible ! Go for it !

28 Jul 2011 9:08am

@Ronnie 2¢: Spoken in the classic manner of the little devil on my shoulder... :-)

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Must look out for that flavour! Delicious frame, Rick - love the depth of field and pastel colours in the background.

28 Jul 2011 9:33am

@Stephen: I hope you find it! A lot of Nova Scotian folk who move to Toronto lament the lack of certain treats from back home, and it was great to taste this one and see just why. Cheers.

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

You sure you can't cram another layer on there Rick? Nicely done one hander

28 Jul 2011 10:00am

@grouser: I was tempted to go for a triple scoop, but the heat was withering and I would have been wearing it for a sleeve. Thanks, g.

Mina from Tehran, Iran

a tasty photo with a gr8 background.

28 Jul 2011 10:24am

@Mina: Thank you, Mina. I will share a few images from the charming seaside town of Digby in weeks ahead.

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Ah, how much I miss ice-cream like this, while walking on the streets ...Eating ice-cream at home is not a complete pleasure as being on the streets with ice-cream in hand ! Super shot that reminds me so much of my "ex-life back home" ;)

28 Jul 2011 12:14pm

@MARIANA: Downtown here, you can get those soft cones but they aren't as satisfying as these hard scoops that you walk around with. In Toronto, I like an ice cream cone and a walk on the boardwalk in the Beach neighbourhood, but we don't have this Moon Mist flavour. I'm glad the shot evoked a pleasant memory!

Williams from East LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada

A lovely toast to an east coast treat although how bubble gum ever got into moon mist I'll never know?

28 Jul 2011 1:22pm

@Williams: Yeah, it seems like a regional variation around the Digby area and up into New Brunswick. The predominant flavours were banana and grape, and it rocked!

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

Fantastic perspective, Rick - I could just go one of those right now! ;-) I'd be very curious to try that flavor combination.

28 Jul 2011 1:53pm

@Jason Politte: It tastes far better than it might sound. I wouldn't want one every day or anything, but it's a nice switch up from my usual favourites of vanilla and chocolate.

Twojays from Southwest Montana, United States

Is this Tuesday?

A fun stroll through your comments. Giving me goofy grin. Now I want a ice cream cone for breakfast. tch.

28 Jul 2011 2:25pm

@Twojays: Any day has Tuesday's silly potential. An ice cream cone for breakfast it downright silly!

Phil David Morris 2011 from Saskatoon, Toronto, Canada

You're disgusting, how can you treat us like this, just about making us lick the
screen !!

28 Jul 2011 2:44pm

@Phil David Morris 2011: I've never been so pleased to be called disgusting!

Don from Spokane, United States

It looks scrumptious! I'd like to try one. Nice to get a good shot before the first lick!

28 Jul 2011 3:18pm

@Don: It's a great flavour combo, Don. You can see the ice cream already beginning to melt, and I just stepped outside of the store to compose the shot.

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

:) you have capture a scene from my childhood! This was always my favorite.

28 Jul 2011 5:46pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

P. S. It's quite popular here in Mi. but I have to go to Windsor for a Coffee Crisp or Kinder Egg.

28 Jul 2011 5:48pm

@Ralph Jones: Small world, Ralph! There are wonderful snacks on both sides of our shared border, for sure. I love my Hawkins "cheezies", Hostess Hickory Sticks, and Strubs full brine dill pickles.

franz from Baden, Austria

it certainly looks colourful! (but these flavours are not for me! i'm a vanilla, hazelnut and coffee man!)
perfect dof and very effective blur in the background!

28 Jul 2011 6:09pm

@franz: I'm into those flavours, too. This Moon Mist is more a pleasant diversion. Seems ideal for kids, really. Thanks for the kind feedback. I set up the shot in manual mode but resorted to auto-focus, which I am normally loathe to do.

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Oh my goodness!! Great shot Rick....I guess I would need to try a small taste of this ;-)

28 Jul 2011 8:29pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Hell, brother, I'd buy you a cone or two! :-)

Irene from San Francisco, United States

Looks good, hope you enjoyed it.

28 Jul 2011 9:59pm

@Irene: It is, and I did!

Folger from Vancouver, Canada

Moon mist ice cream was a special treat for me at the farmer's market back in 1980, and in the following years after I'd left the maritime I had just assumed it was a novelty flavor since i'd never been able to find it again and missed it terribly. It never occurred to me to web search an ice cream flavor. Imagine my ecstasy at discovering it's an east coast staple! I've already booked a flight to Nova Scotia for my birthday this year - for a $700 ice cream cone.

24 May 2013 10:27pm


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