alive for 15 seconds

Posted by Rick (Toronto, Canada) on 17 April 2013 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

A fifteen second unfocused exposure of apartment lights, seemingly turned organic. We even witness one fleeing the scene ;-)

Shaahin Bahremand from Tehran, Iran

beauty show
well done

17 Apr 2013 6:00am

@Shaahin Bahremand: Thank you.

Mowgli from Nice, France

D'un bel effet. Comme une ruche psychedelique, avec toutes ces alvéoles multicolores.

17 Apr 2013 6:30am

@Mowgli: Une superbe description en votre commentaire! Merci.

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal


17 Apr 2013 6:44am

@Ana Lúcia: Glad you think so; thanks !

Aubélia from Kortrijk, Belgium

Beautiful tones.

17 Apr 2013 6:45am

@Aubélia: The natural result of many people in their apartments... how they decorate and light the spaces. Thanks !

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

Fantastic bokeh of light !

17 Apr 2013 7:05am

@Anna.C: I had my tripod on the balcony for some promised dramatic weather, which never happened, and thought this might make up for the letdown ;-) My thanks, Anna.

omid from mashhad, Iran

very nice!!!
so so beautiful colors & lights!

17 Apr 2013 7:12am

@omid: I like your enthusiasm : thanks !

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Beautiful long exposure shot

17 Apr 2013 7:13am

@Sarito: Funny how it varies with exposure choices, too. Twenty seconds and beyond didn't result in this "alive" look, and also it was lightly raining which may have contributed to that. Thank you.

Gérard Beullac from Paris, France

We can see their chromosomal heritage in each chromatic cell.
That's the power of photographic image.

17 Apr 2013 7:20am

@Gérard Beullac: Well said and observed, as usual. There is a feeling of the microscope that I like when viewing the result. Thank you ! (have to say, your most recent batch of photos = superb !!

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Yes amazingly cellular

17 Apr 2013 9:31am

@grouser: A symbolic replication of human life within the many apartments, perhaps ? Thanks, mister g.

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Amazing effect, Rick - like microbes dancing in the light.

17 Apr 2013 10:55am

@Stephen: I was quite fond of the "solar" one, with its little sunlike corona. Thanks, Stephen.

julie from Aregno, France

Superbes confettis ! 5* Bravo et merci Rick pour le partage. Bon après-midi.

17 Apr 2013 11:19am

@julie: Confettis... oui :-) J'apprécie la générosité!

digitalCG from Manchester, United Kingdom

Excellent work Rick, great inspiration for those of us stuck at home with photographer's block. A reminder that you can make art anywhere if you can only find that knack of retuning your brain.

17 Apr 2013 11:53am

@digitalCG: Thanks very much. We are utterly surrounded by potential images, but photographer's block can impose a void upon us at times. I like "happy accidents".

Irene from San Francisco, United States

I like what you did. Great shot Rick !

17 Apr 2013 12:34pm

@Irene: Nothing planned, of course. Just an impulse, and I'm glad you like it. Thanks !

Lai Chan See from Singapore, Singapore

Beautiful patterns. Splendid.

17 Apr 2013 12:47pm

@Lai Chan See: Thanks !

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

You are so creative :-)

17 Apr 2013 1:57pm

@Curly: Aw shucks ;-)

maurizio jaya costantino from Trieste, Italy

the exciting sweet mood when children play
hi Rick!

17 Apr 2013 2:41pm

@maurizio jaya costantino: Yes ! the childlike aspect, for sure. Thanks, m.

Martine from bousval, Belgium


17 Apr 2013 3:24pm

@Martine: Merci beaucoup !

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

Amazing! Some of the hexagonal cells seem to be cell plants!

17 Apr 2013 4:25pm

@Francisco Romero: I was pleasantly surprised by the detail within them. Might have been due to the light drizzle between my lens and the distant building windows... thanks !

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld (Old West Wales Boy), Germany

Like part of a dream !!!

17 Apr 2013 5:03pm

@Anthony Morgan Lambert: The part where the morning alarm is about to go off and you badly need a coffee... cheers, Ant.

Ruthiebear from Titusville, NJ, United States

One of my favorites today! Love the shapes and light.

17 Apr 2013 5:52pm

@Ruthiebear: Flattered to be in that group, Ruthie. My thanks.

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Oh now this is phenomenal sir! I Love this fleeting, colourful, light fantastic show here:-) Great stuff......Speaking of light shows, on Google last night I was just looking at our emails back and forth and I wound up watching one of the videos you did of the UFO's in Toronto....Barbara and I were awestruck....And it was totally cool to hear your comments )great stuff that HAD to be weird man! <3

17 Apr 2013 6:36pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Awesome feedback, sir : thanks a lot ! Very cool that you found that footage. I don't advertise it and remain convinced that we saw something very unusual. I have seen paper lanterns and know the difference, and also my friend who you hear in the video subsequently saw an even more impressive display but didn't/couldn't record it. My mind is always open. I have saved several messages on Youtube from a gentleman who is a meteorologist and has personally witnessed incredible things in the upper atmosphere, using infrared and other means. One day I will post his writings to me, leaving him anonymous at his request.

Mireille T. from Ribérac, France

Great creative shot! I love these cells of light !

17 Apr 2013 9:00pm

@Mireille T.: A very simple idea and a happy result, I thought. Very glad to have it well received, thanks !

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

What a creative and unique capture!! I would never have guessed that these were lights from residences, but perhaps string lights. I love how they have all taken on a hexagon shape. Beautiful colors!

17 Apr 2013 11:00pm

@Steven: You can see the left edge of the building, and although the camera was mounted on my tripod some of the lights float forward and out of the structure's edge... a fascinating freedom of light at fifteen seconds. Thanks for the feedback !

Abena from Illinois, United States

There's always one fleeing the scene of the crime ha, awesome light action and color !

18 Apr 2013 12:19am

@Abena: That moving one made me laugh, because I already thought they looked alive. Thanks, Abena.

Baldwin Vandewalle from Bejuma, Venezuela

They really seem living organisms seen through a microscope ... Beautiful and creative abstract !!! The colors and shapes are great ...

18 Apr 2013 12:47am

@Baldwin Vandewalle: I have been able to resist the temptation for outright voyeurism, given the many apartment buildings within my view, but this respected peoples' privacy and gave me a fun result. My thanks.

Judy aka L@dybug from Brooksville, FL, United States

This is fun to see ... a good capture of the lights.

18 Apr 2013 1:42am

@Judy aka L@dybug: Fun is the key :)

L'angevine from Angers, France


18 Apr 2013 6:42am

@L'angevine: Merci.

Baldwin Vandewalle from Bejuma, Venezuela

Congratulations on this well deserved Spotlight !!!

18 Apr 2013 5:24pm

@Baldwin Vandewalle: Thanks a lot. Camera playtime gets rewarded :-) I apologize for the recent and future absence from Am3 until my crazy work schedule abates. I am off today and get to attend a concert featuring Clutch, one of my favourite live bands, and so the Spotlight just makes it an even nicer day !

Ruthiebear from Titusville, NJ, United States

Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

18 Apr 2013 5:48pm

@Ruthiebear: Thanks, Ruthie !

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

I have just read your answer to my comment ;-) I'm very happy to you for this Spotlight ! Congratulations Rick ! have a great end of day and concert ;-)

18 Apr 2013 6:03pm

@Anna.C: Thanks on all counts, Anna. The weather is wonderfully mild for a change and it should be a fantastic evening.

Gérard Beullac from Paris, France

Not only a spotlight but a bouquet of spotlights !
Bravo !

18 Apr 2013 6:09pm

@Gérard Beullac: Most eloquent of you ! Merci beaucoup !

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

understandable...(re your re)

18 Apr 2013 6:22pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Yep :)

omid from mashhad, Iran

Congratulations! :)

18 Apr 2013 6:44pm

@omid: Thank you !

Florence from Paris, France

Congratulations Rick dear ! You exquisitely rock. ;-)

18 Apr 2013 7:04pm

@Florence: A big hug of a comment ! Thanks a lot for the grin maker.

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Magnifique Monsieur!! Well done and VERY well Deserved :-)

18 Apr 2013 7:24pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Thanks a lot, nation-neighbor ! I've no clue what constitutes the ingredients of worthiness, but am always pleased and given a lift by the nod.

Mowgli from Nice, France

Yes ! Félicitations.

18 Apr 2013 7:50pm

@Mowgli: Merci beaucoup !

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Je l'avais raté celle-ci, vraiment géniale. Félicitations pour le Spotlight. Bonne journée.

18 Apr 2013 8:13pm

@Tede: Merci, Tede !

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Congrats on your Spotlight here - proof that we do not meed to travel halfway around the world to find a good image !

18 Apr 2013 8:32pm

@Ronnie 2¢: Thanks very much, Ronnie. I travelled about thirty feet, I think ;-)

Mireille T. from Ribérac, France

Congratulations on your spotlight Rick ! Have a lovely evening!!!

18 Apr 2013 9:00pm

@Mireille T.: Thank you, two times !

julie from Aregno, France

Bravo Rick pour ce magnifique Spotlight ! bonne journéeB

19 Apr 2013 5:24am

@julie: Merci beaucoup, julie ! (you are so classy!)

Heinz from Hamm, Germany

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

19 Apr 2013 5:34am

@Heinz: Sehr nett von Ihnen !

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Cosmic - congrats on your Spotlight, Rick!

19 Apr 2013 6:01am

@Stephen: My thanks, you classy individual, you !

Aubélia from Kortrijk, Belgium

Congratulations on the spotlight

19 Apr 2013 6:19am

@Aubélia: Very kind of you : thanks very much.

Dimitrios from ATHENS, Greece

pure art, WELL DONE

19 Apr 2013 8:15am

@Dimitrios: Thanks very much.

Martine from bousval, Belgium

Bravo pour ton spotlight!!!!!

19 Apr 2013 9:07am

@Martine: Merci, Martine !

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

Congratulations on Spotlight

19 Apr 2013 10:43am

@kiwisa: Thank you.

Laurette from Johannesburg - Fourways, South Africa

Marvellous abstract and beautifully photographed. Congratulations on the Spotlight !

19 Apr 2013 1:15pm

@Laurette: Very kind of you, Laurette : thanks !

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

This is totally creative! A fantastic image! Congratulations on the Spotlight!

20 Apr 2013 1:37am

@Elaine Hancock: Thanks very much, Elaine :-)

saran from shiraz, Iran

Congrats on a deserved spotlight !

20 Apr 2013 4:35am

@saran: Very kind of you : thanks !

Lai Chan See from Singapore, Singapore

congratulations on your Spotlight.

20 Apr 2013 5:22am

@Lai Chan See: Thank you very much.

franz from Baden, Austria

congratulations, sir, is all i can say here! what a bold concept and what a clever choice for the spotlight !!!

20 Apr 2013 5:25pm

@franz: Thanks very much, good sir.

Betsy Barron from Philadelphia, PA, United States

simply gorgeous!

21 Apr 2013 12:27pm

@Betsy Barron: Thanks a lot !

Ryan Hammond from Tucson, United States

Cool shot, Rick! Congratulations on the Spotlight!

22 Apr 2013 4:51pm

@Ryan Hammond: Double thanks, Ryan !

Enzo from Lausanne, Switzerland

l'effet est magnifique!

22 Apr 2013 8:37pm

@Enzo: Merci beaucoup, Enzo !

Phil Morris from Saskatoon, Toronto, Canada

Hi Rick, catching up now, congratulations on the beautiful Spotlight here, magnifique !~

1 May 2013 6:01pm

@Phil Morris: Big thanks, Phil ~ and congratulations on your wonderful blue themed self-portrait being included in the latest Aminus gallery, also in blue notes.

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