About Rick

I have been here before. An Aminus3 member for about three years who was fortunate to meet and view the works of many very interesting and nice people, and who also fortunately garnered some Spotlights and Color Spotlights (though my ego is not why I love sites like this or photography)... I'm a musician, writer, photo hobbyist-enthusiast, painting contractor, lover of Nature and this incredible planet, and a whole other litany of describable tags that you can attach to this Canadian hippie. Essentially, a bipedal agglomeration of self-aware protoplasm who has returned to share some photos, some life experiences, and to absorb the same from others. I used to post on a daily basis, but this time around it will be when the mood strikes. Peace, and thanks for visiting anything that I may share.

Photography Equipment

Nikon D7200 with Nikon DX VR 18-140mm / Canon Rebel T2i with Canon 28-135mm / Canon Powershot SX610HS / Sony Cybershot from 2005 with a whopping 4.1 megapixels that I still use when the mood strikes / Old Pentax 35mm film fossil that I also still use from time to time / Fidelity Electronics FTP-1 tripod