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Stairing Contest
1 December 2016

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Elaine Hancock on "The Tweed Curtain"
Those magnificent trees are gorgeous!

Franz on "The Tweed Curtain"
That is a mighty tree indeed, even by Vancouver Island standards, I am sure ... If I had the good luck to live in the ...

Olivier on "The Tweed Curtain"
and god save the queen!

Steven on "The Tweed Curtain"
A splendid view under this stately tree with an incredible canopy to provide plenty of shade!! Your timing is perfect ...

Ruthiebear on "The Tweed Curtain"
This is a gorgeous view! Love that bus!

Existence Artistique on "The Tweed Curtain"

grouser on "The Tweed Curtain"
These certainly have a spectacular spread. As these twees are tweed I trust they are oaks :)

Hiro on "The Tweed Curtain"
Very beautiful green ! It must be so nice to walk there !

Martine Libouton on "The Tweed Curtain"
Une belle composition

Denny Jump on life MUST go on
I love your treatment here, blends so well with the mood and times....I agree with Phil Morris and you, as ...

Franz on Martello Alley
This looks like a most charming corner of the Old Town, and your attractive presentation enhances this impression!

Franz on Bird Power !
Wow, what a find! This photo has so much going for it that I don't know where to start ...

Franz on life MUST go on
Perhaps a wistful reminder of a more peaceful time ... (My heart, too, was bleeding when I first read about the ...

Phil on life MUST go on
A heavy mist comes down on the city! A sad atmosphere after these last events ! I wish you all love and peace, Phil

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on life MUST go on
My condolences to the Toronto citizens. These unreasonable acts are inexplicable, cause infinite pain. Every day, ...

Steven on life MUST go on
Beautiful elevated view that has such a vintage appeal! I actually thought this was at least 30-40 years old. Glad that ...

Eye for Beauty on life MUST go on
very nice

Phil Morris on Road to Nowhere
Pure teilight zone, perfection, Congratulations on the Spotlight award, you are a true original !~

Devi on life MUST go on
I really feel terrible at this insensitive maniacal act !!! Wish such atrocities do not happen again....

Phil Morris on life MUST go on
Terrible news from your city, Rick. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever hit my hometown. The best to the people of ...

Hiro on life MUST go on
I agree, life MUST go on !

grouser on life MUST go on
a picture postcard effect here. Works well. Yes it's a nasty new phenomena easily available to twisted minds. You ...

Ronnie 2¢ on life MUST go on
We are sure living in strange times . .

Existence Artistique on life MUST go on
bel effet

Steve Rice on Guitar Face !
A very cool encounter with this strolling musician. Batteries these days can power more than cars. ;-)

Elaine Hancock on Guitar Face !
That is just too funny! He is in a world of his own! Happy ST!

Denny Jump on Guitar Face !
This is Fantastic!!! ;-) No Question about it, you are the master . I LOVE your vision and imagination!! Wishing you ...

Ruthiebear on Guitar Face !
How cool that he carries his own power source for the guitar. Well captured and interesting.

Steven on Guitar Face !
Great capture of this rocker in action!! Given the tragedy that occured, I hope things are better in Toronto today.

Devi on Guitar Face !
Brilliant shot !

grouser on Guitar Face !
a STrolling musician :)

Karine*Mazloumian on Ubiquitous
Such a dreamy image ! Love the sensation. (Hope your and yours are fine after that crazy attack by car in Toronto - ...

Hiro on Guitar Face !
Great guy ! Excellent Tuesday shot !

Gérard on Guitar Face !
On the rock again !

Existence Artistique on Guitar Face !
génial cet effet

Elaine Hancock on Bird Power !
It looks complicated! This makes a really fabulous image!

Denny Jump on Bird Power !
Looks as though they have the situation well in hand ;-) Hoping you are ok sir..

omid on Martello Alley
Lovely alley!

omid on Bird Power !
:) Amazing !!!!

Olivier on Bird Power !
superbe composition industrielle!

Steve Rice on Bird Power !
They are everywhere! But, you don't see them at first. Cool image and clever title.

Ruthiebear on Bird Power !
Yes, they are blending in so well. Interesting lines and angles

Devi on Bird Power ! many birds here !!! A great shot...Bird power indeed !

Eye for Beauty on Bird Power !
i didn't see them until i read the title :) nice composition

Steven on Bird Power !
Great graphic imagery captured here!! And the birds add a nice vertifical element.

Libouton Martine on Bird Power !
Belle cette composition

Hiro on Bird Power !
Oh, so powerful !!

grouser on Bird Power !
Potentially a shocking sight or is that site? Jumping Jack Flash springs to mind :) Nice silhouette

Existence Artistique on Bird Power !
bien vu

Ronnie 2¢ on Bird Power !
A roost boost for sure.

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