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1 December 2016

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Ruthiebear on Loopy !
Incredible how this branch has looped around. Fabulous close up

Existence Artistique on Loopy !
bien ce tronc

grouser on Loopy !
A crisis of uncertainty as to where the sky is :) Well spotted

Mhelene on Walking Through A Dream
Beautiful image !

Mhelene on Loopy !
Superb capture of the wild and free !

Anna Cherer on Loopy !
Mother Nature creates fabulous things ! well seen Rick, I like that !

Martine Libouton on Loopy !
très bien vu ! j'aime

Ronnie 2¢ on Loopy !
How extraordinary . . where did they think they were going, I wonder ?

Adela Fonts on Walking Through A Dream
Well achieved the feeling of sleep. Wonderful vegetation...

Steven on Walking Through A Dream
What a splendid array of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes captured in this lovely garden!! Was this captured with a ...

Mireille T. on Walking Through A Dream
I love the soft mood and beautifully captured garden!

Existence Artistique on Walking Through A Dream
belle prise

Ruthiebear on Walking Through A Dream
Yes, it is dreamlike in softness. Beautiful point of view.

grouser on Walking Through A Dream
Beautiful gardenscape

Ronnie 2¢ on Walking Through A Dream
Oh, the presentation has added even more to the beauty !

Hiro on Walking Through A Dream
Wonderful capture of the wonderful garden !

Anita B. on Walking Through A Dream
Joli traitement tout en douceur qu rend bien avec toute cette verdure ...

Martine Libouton on Walking Through A Dream
J'aime le traitement !

omid on Walking Through A Dream
such beautiful composition, colors, lights, shadows & treatment! L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!!

Steven on Onda Wadda
Excellent inverted composition you've captured here with these "stretched" reflections!! Simple, yet ...

Devi on Product Placement
Like an optical illusion....

Devi on Six Feet Wide
Gosh ! This is amazing :)

Ruthiebear on Onda Wadda

rbassin on Onda Wadda
bel effet

omid on Onda Wadda
such beautiful composition & textures! Amazing reflections!

grouser on Onda Wadda
Like looking through a curtain of ice, Nice

Mhelene on Onda Wadda
Splendid composition !!

Existence Artistique on Onda Wadda

Martine Libouton on Onda Wadda
Juste superbe !!! bravo à toi !5*

Anna Cherer on Onda Wadda
wow ! excellent framing on these beautiful boats reflections ! a surreal effect indeed !

Ronnie 2¢ on After The Flood
Yes, many of us seem to be in times of unpleasant weather . . 'tis the way of things, I guess.

Lai Chan See on Onda Wadda
Beautiful impressionistic image.

Steven on After The Flood
Perfectly-composed shot of this picturesque skyline!! So much romance is evoked here with the couples. I hope that the ...

Irene on After The Flood
Gorgeous scene.

Ruthiebear on After The Flood
What a sublime atmosphere. It fits the narrative.

Devi on After The Flood
Beautiful mood here.....

grouser on After The Flood
Beautiful cityscape

omid on After The Flood
such beautiful composition, tones & lights! L O V E L Y !

Hiro on After The Flood
Beautiful scene ! Nice composition !

Mhelene on After The Flood
A beautiful composition with a superb atmosphere . It is happy that sandbags are now of use to the romantic couples .

Existence Artistique on After The Flood
superbe recherche

Martine Libouton on After The Flood
Une magnifique composition! j'aime

Anna Cherer on After The Flood
I love your composition with the couples contemplating the city ! I also enjoyed this beautiful view ! I'm sad to ...

Anne on After The Flood

Irene on Six Feet Wide
Great photo !

omid on Six Feet Wide
:)) wonderful reflections!

Ruthiebear on Six Feet Wide
Love this. there is a whimsical feel that is appealing.

Steven on Six Feet Wide
What an eye-catching composition with a great caption!!

grouser on Six Feet Wide
I see you have posted your 'Legacy' here :)

Mhelene on Six Feet Wide
Fun ,interesting and a great composition!

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