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Stairing Contest
1 December 2016

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Elaine Hancock on Public Spaces #2
This is getting to be such a common sight everywhere these days. It is a sad reality.

Steve Rice on Public Spaces #2
We have lots of spaces that are filling up with the homeless here, too. Getting them housing seems a very slow process.

grouser on Public Spaces #2
a growing outrage while the rich get richer

Ruthiebear on Public Spaces #2
A sad record of what is nowadays all too common.

Steven on Public Spaces #2
It's kind of poetic as you see the real estate market soar around you and it leaves the not so fortunate behind. A ...

Shaun on Public Spaces #2
A sad sight Rick, but we should not judge him, he has a story to tell. 5*

Gérard Flayol on Public Spaces #2
Sadder than yesterday with this poor "resident" !

Anna Cherer on Public Spaces #2
A sad reality ! I’ve seen a lot of homeless people in downtown Toronto, as in all major cities, but also a lot of ...

Steve Rice on Public Spaces
They seem to be in luck with sunny weather. The park could get kind of grim in winter I imagine.

Existence Artistique on Public Spaces
il va se faire un repos ensoleillé

Ruthiebear on Public Spaces
Looks like nap time! Happy ST

Steven on Public Spaces
Looks like a great place to relax after the election hoopla. :-) I love this view which shows the terraced levels.

Shaun on Public Spaces
Somewhere to sit and think of the election results Rick.

grouser on Public Spaces
a nice place to hang out as long as it's not your only choice

Gérard Flayol on Public Spaces
Free rooms !

Ronnie 2¢ on Public Spaces
Each to their own . .

Steve Rice on Yellow on the Corner
A cool store indeed. It seems to be well established in the community.

Elaine Hancock on Yellow on the Corner
It looks like they have just about everything! I love these kind of stores. They are wonderful to photograph. Great ...

omid on Yellow on the Corner
such beautiful angle, frame & colors! Lovely!

Olivier on Yellow on the Corner
good street view

Steven on Yellow on the Corner
A great way to stand out from everyone else! Nicely-framed view which is very inviting!

Shaun on Yellow on the Corner
Like Toronto, Boston has many of these stores many of them never close and seem to sell everything. Great image Rick.

grouser on Yellow on the Corner
No place should be without its corner store. Nice capture

Anna Cherer on Yellow on the Corner
Yes ! it carries us into an exotic world ! Toronto is a melting-pot city !

Ronnie 2¢ on Yellow on the Corner
Something for everyone and everything there !

Existence Artistique on Yellow on the Corner
Intéressante couleurs

Gérard Flayol on Yellow on the Corner
Original and attractive yes !

Steve Rice on Laneway Living
This house gets plenty of shade. Neat street shot.

Existence Artistique on Laneway Living
bien cette perspective

Gary on Laneway Living
I agree with Shaun, bit of a southern Mediterranean feel here

Shaun on Laneway Living
I think Grouser is right, this area does look like a village which at fist glance I thought was in Spain or Turkey. ...

Ralf Kesper on Laneway Living
A bit morbide, but charming.

grouser on Laneway Living
Looks almost village like rather than city. Nice capture with the overarching tree

omid on Strange Storm Sky

Steve Rice on Strange Storm Sky
Strange indeed!

Ralf Kesper on Strange Storm Sky
Looks dangerous.

Existence Artistique on Strange Storm Sky
bien le rendu

Shaun on Strange Storm Sky
A real interesting image Rick.

grouser on Strange Storm Sky
Something of Mark Rothko in this sky abstraction. Good stuff

Le Krop on Strange Storm Sky
Strange and beautiful picture.

Elaine Hancock on The Green Crowd
That is a lot of green heads bobbing around! A great image!

Adela Fonts on The Green Crowd
Magnificent green hydrangeas...

Steve Rice on The Green Crowd
A lovely shot of all these green heads popping up.

Gérard Flayol on The Green Crowd
Good choice of framing !

Shaun on The Green Crowd
A great burst of green. I might be wrong, but are these Hydrangeas Rick. ?

grouser on The Green Crowd
what a lovely procession of floral heads

Existence Artistique on The Green Crowd
bien vu

Elaine Hancock on Backroad Exercise
Wonderful point of view! He is going to get a great workout with those hills!

Steven on Backroad Exercise
Looks like the perfect road for inline skating with the subtle hills! Although he's heading uphill.

Anna Cherer on Backroad Exercise
Good but hard exercice ! The road is not esay ! Excellent scene !

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