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Stairing Contest
1 December 2016

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Dreams come treu on Halifax Hydro
This is a wonderful old building with many different details.

Existence Artistique on Halifax Hydro
c'est du bon travail

Gérard Flayol on Halifax Hydro
Yes you are right ! Posts and numerous electric wires are typical and take part in the character of the city and the ...

Ralf Kesper on Halifax Hydro
I like this old wooden buildings. I like this vintage style at b/w.

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Halifax Hydro
Ce bâtiment typique est superbe le choix du N&B est parfait.

Marjolein on Halifax Hydro
A beautiful building, rich in contrast and sharply photographed. Nice conversion to b / w.

Steve Rice on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Good thing there is just one path. Otherwise, you could get lost for days in that place.

Elaine Hancock on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
I bet that there were some treasures in there but you can't even turn around! Happy ST!

Adela Fonts on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
A w e s o m e!!!!

Photon on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Interesting ...kept me busy looking for something for my showcase....

Dreams come treu on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
De clock on the background for my. Happy silly theusday.

Shaun on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
My shed looks like this. I am sure you had a great time looking at all this good stuff. 5*

Hiro on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
interesting scene

Steven on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Wow! Don't touch anything or you may cause a landslide!! Happy ST!

grouser on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
STuffed with STuff So To speak. A nice touch that he had to leave to make space for you to go in. He muST spend all his ...

Gérard Flayol on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
I can see a camera and a lense but I will not buy them !!!!!

Martine Libouton on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Oupsss le désordre j'aurais très difficile moi.

Ronnie 2¢ on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Reminds me . . I must sort my place out !

Existence Artistique on antiques and clauSTrophobia !

Ralf Kesper on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
That´s the right title. Well done photographed.

Marjolein on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Hilarious. I want to buy the lamp on the left siide! Can you take him for me? :D :-)

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on antiques and clauSTrophobia !
Excellent.Le bonheur des fouineurs.

Steve Rice on Crazy 8s : 1 of 2
A beautiful structure and gorgeous image. This is really a nice idea.

Francisco Romero on Well Preserved
Beautiful image for a beautiful building. Those huge windows must be a blessing for the residents.

Francisco Romero on Crazy 8s : 1 of 2
Tremendous sense of perspective!

Ruthiebear on Crazy 8s : 1 of 2
A feast for my eyes. Love the graphics so much

Denny Jump on Crazy 8s : 1 of 2
Oh this is great! I love your imagination!!!

Adela Fonts on Crazy 8s : 1 of 2
Awesome! I love it!

Steven on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
A beautiful piece of art with great leading lines, giving this composition great depth!!

Hiro on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
So many 8s

Martine Libouton on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
Magnifique ta photo !

grouser on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
almost Op sculpture. Great perspective shot

Ralf Kesper on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
Excellent contrasts!

Jaya on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
terrifying black & white ;-)

Existence Artistique on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
une intéressante recherche

Ronnie 2¢ on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
Well, it is creative, I suppose . . but I may want to wear a hard-hat !

Anna Cherer on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
Beautiful graphic perspective ! BW suits well !

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
Très beau graphisme pour cette pergola géante.

Gérard on Crazy 8s : 1 of 3
Beautiful fickle which with it eight, if we tip over it, is the symbol of the infinity

Denny Jump on Well Preserved
So Very Well-written is your text, Rick....and, as always, your photography finds the heart of the subject and touches ...

Steve Rice on Well Preserved
That is a really beautiful old brick building. The large windows let in lots of light. A neat shot of the giant.

Adela Fonts on Well Preserved
An image with an excellent point of view...

Ruthiebear on Well Preserved
I like this commanding point of view!

Existence Artistique on Well Preserved

omid on Well Preserved
such beautiful composition, perspective & lights! Amazing graphics.

grouser on Well Preserved
excellent industrial architecture with those strong verticals on the facade. well captured

Hiro on Well Preserved
Good looking !

Gérard Flayol on Well Preserved
I like the color of thsi grey which goes well with the old building

Hiro on Paint Job, Mirror, and Window
Oh, this is amazing !!

Irene on Paint Job, Mirror, and Window
Interesting paint job.

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